Elysse Hurren

Kennel Attendant

Elysse Hurren

My parents gave me my first kitten when I was just a newborn, so I suppose you could say I’ve always been a “cat person.” I consider myself blessed to have known and loved many cats in my lifetime.

Cats are eccentric little gremlins, each with their own unique language, quirks and preferences. I consider it to be my job at the shelter to love and care for every animal as if they were my own pet, at least until they find their new family. I get to know each of their unique personalities through the time I spend with them, cleaning up after them, brushing and bathing them, and giving them treats.

Other members of the staff will tell you that I love them all, and that’s true. I wish I had the means to take them all home, but I do what I can at the shelter and I find it to be rewarding and satisfying. There’s nothing quite like earning a skittish feline’s trust and having it curl up in your lap. That’s not to say that the job doesn’t come with a certain level of heartbreak, but at the end of the day, I’m very blessed to be an animal servant.

I currently have one very pampered five-year-old cat, with hopes in the future for more.

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